30 May 2011

May 30, 2011
More Legal Firms Join the InfoGuardian experience

18 firms joined the Legal Links Sdn Bhd (MSC) InfoGuardian network during April and May 2011. These firm will now enjoy the numerous features available within the system InfoGuardian V4 to enhance their productivity, efficient and level of services to their clients.

On a different note, InfoGuardian V4 - Oasis system is now in its beta test stage. We will see many more users on Oasis System from July onwards. The system is expected to rollout in 2nd week of June 2011. We have a number of users lined up for the Oasis System.

May 10, 2011
Work on Taize Holding project IGV4 - Oasis System kick off

Work on the project IGV4 - Oasis System for Taize Holdings Sdn Bhd kicked off today. The system, expected to go LIVE in JUNE 2011, will manage commission calculations, agency lineages, submissions of proposals, integration with main systems and other related activities to ensure all relevant parties are properly accounted for and paid correctly with regards to their entittlement.

May 10, 2011
IGV4 - BICs rolls out for Digital Paper Sdn Bhd

BICs system is LIVE at Digital Paper Sdn Bhd. The system will manage all the thousands of agreement between DPSB and their customer and at the same time calculate their monthly charges and keep track of the equipment usage on a month to month basis.

April 11, 2011
InfoGuardian V4 extends coverage to Sarawak
Legal Links Sdn Bhd's flagship product has spanned the South China Sea into Sarawak. Via the bank user, we now have law firms in Sarawak using the system to process loans onoine via the InfoGuardian V4 system.

January 5, 2011
Quote of the Month
What one person receives without working for, another person must work without receiving.

Norman Rockwell

29th December, 2010
Legal Links Sdn Bhd Wish EVERYONE Happy, Productive & profitable 2011
We bid farewell to 2010 another eventful year at Legal Links Sdn Bhd. 2010 saw the InfoGurdian making its mark in the legal industry with more than 50 legal firms signing on to deploy the system and with OAC coming into the fold of the InfoGuardian family of users. 2011 looks very much to be an even more eventful year for Legal Links.

Legal Links will be conducting another recruitment drive in 2011 Q1. Interested parties, please send resume to jobs@legallinks.com.my


9thth Sept, 2010
Legal Links Sdn Bhd Wish EVERYONE Selamat Hari Raya

13th February, 2010
Legal Links Sdn Bhd Wish EVERYONE GONG XI FA CAI

12th February, 2010
Badruzzaman & Kamal uses InfoGuardian with Al Rajhi Bank.
Badruzzaman & Kamal will be the first firm to employ InfoGuardian system for the purpose of data sharing and remote collaboration with their clients at Al Rajhi Bank. The other membrs of the panel legal firms of Al Rajhi Bank will be provided training to use the same system.

This system will extend to the entire family of external service providers which will include Insurance Brokering firms and Property Valuation Firms.

11th February, 2010
Harjit Singh Sangay and Co is the latest InfoGuardian user.
This firm located in Penang is the latest addition to the growing family of InfoGuardian user. The system will enable higher productivity together with enhanced levels accountability, transparency and world standard management of all their cases.

9th February, 2010
Jaffar & Menon signs on InfoGuardian.
Jaffar & Menon employs InfoGuardian to enable direct un-interrupted communication channel with their clients.

30th September, 2009
InfoGuardian V4 - Document Control System DCs goes LIVE at Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad.

30th June, 2009
InfoGuardian V4 - Practice Management goes LIVE at Al Rajhi Bank Berhad.

17th of April, 2009
Taye & Company signs on with InfoGuardian.

23th of March, 2009
GS Mani Ganesh signs on with InfoGuardian.

13th of March, 2009
Zaid Ibrahim & Co (Penang) signs on with InfoGuardian.

12th of March, 2009
Maxwell, Kenion, Cowdy & Jones signs on with InfoGuardian.

12th of March, 2009
V T Singam & Co signs on with InfoGuardian.

4th of February, 2009
Khalil, Surinder & Associates signs on with InfoGuardian.

14th of January, 2009
Gong Xi Fa Cai
From all at Legal Links Sdn Bhd, We wish you and your family Gong Xi Fa Cai and would like to remind you to take extra care while driving if you are going out of town during this festive season. We hope you will enjoy your holidays and join us in looking forward for a good year ahead.

05 Jan 2009
InfoGuardian V4 - DCs for KTMB
Legal Links Sdn Bhd has received an order to extend the usage of InfoGuardian V4 - DCs into KTMB. DCs is a full featured document management system currently used in the management of the on-going, multi billion ringgit project Eletrified Double Tracking Rail Project in Malaysia.

InfoGuardian V4 - DCs is a product of Legal Links Sdn Bhd.

3rd of December, 2008
V P Nathan & Partners signs on with InfoGuardian.

27 November 2008
Legal Links Sdn Bhd is MSC company

29th of July, 2008
Tahan Insurance signs on with InfoGuardian.
Tahan Insurance (M) Berhad adopts InfoGuardian in an effort to contain the escalating costs of TPBI claims settlements.

28 May 2008
Planning Planet dot com engages Legal Links Sdn Bhd
Planning Planet dot com, a major international web site for engineers, quantity surveyors and other professionals in the field of engineering has engaged Legal Links Sdn Bhd to improve their existing website. Planning Planet dot com is an international community with the site experiencing in excess of 30,000 hits daily.

22 April 2008
Al Rajhi Bank becomes InfoGuardian User
The world's largest islamic bank, Al Rajhi Bank Berhad, will deploy InfoGuardian to manage all panels of external service providers to the bank. InfoGuardian will be the core system to enable the bank to closely work together with all external service providers to provide faster, more efficient and better service to their customers.

26 February 2008
Development on IG for a commercial bank commence
Legal Links Sdn Bhd commence development of IG for a commercial bank. The first sector will be for conveyance matters. This phase is expected to be completed by end July 2008. Afterwhich IG will be adapted into other divisions within the bank.

22 December 2007
Legal Links Sdn Bhd product DCS manages a RM12.5Billion project
MMC - Gamuda Joint Venture for the RM12.5Billion Eletricfied Double Track system from Ipoh to Pandang Besar will use DCS from Legal Links Sdn Bhd to manage all their documents and drawings relevant to this project. The project is expected to have a duration of 5 years. Legal Links will provide the solution as well as the support for DCS during this 5 years and beyond if require.

Currently, the system receives up to 1000 pages of documents and drawings in a day.

Legal Links' DCS is also extensively employed by international contractors for the Oil and Gas industry and enjoys a userbase of more than 200 worldwide users.

28 August 2007
Singapore International Arbitration Centre(SIAC) chooses InfoGuardian
InfoGuardian makes in-roads into Singapore. Legal Links and partner Potter Farrelly & Associates will project manage the implementation of InfoGuardian System into SIAC in areas of case, document and workflow management.

23 November 2006
Tahan Insurance Signs on Legal Links Sdn Bhd
Legal Links Sdn Bhd will develop and maintain a centralized file management system for Tahan Insurance Berhad. Tahan Insurance Berhad a significant insurer in the local insurance industry. Tahan Insurance's centralized file management system will manage about 90,000 files online and with full audit trail.

30 October 2006
Berhad Dot Net Engages Legal Links
A new tool is in the horizon. Berhad dot Net has engaged Legal Links Sdn Bhd to develop a powerful analytical tool for corporates. This tool to be worked off the internet is easy to deploy and will be a breath of fresh air to corporate analysts and other research athourities and bodies.

July 2006
Advantage Golfing Solutions (AGS)
Advantage Golfing Solution, the company which brought us the AGS golfing card signs up with Legal Links Sdn Bhd to develop their customer service portal. Golfing with the AGS cards the new and accepted pay and play mode of golf which opens up the game of golf to various walks of life.

6th April 2006
InfoGuardian Awareness Seminar
Venue: Crown Princess Hotel 12th Floor              Embassy 1
Date: 18th May 2006 Thursday
Time: 2.30pm – 5.30pm
Fee: F.O.C

Refreshment will be provided.

Register online at
Or CALL us at 03 7804 5586/7

Limited Seats Only!!

10 November 2005
InfoGuardian takes care of Litigation work
After successully completing the implementation of the conveyance department on InfoGuardian, Wong & Associates today started work on implementing litigation department on the InfoGuardian.

12 October 2005
Legal Links Sdn Berhad handles the Murdoch case in Darwin, Australia
Legal Links receives a contract from Potter Farrelly & Associates Pty Ltd (PF&A) to assist their Melbourne office with a discovery project. Togehter with this discovery work, Legal Links consultant will manage the "e-Court" facility for the high profile Murdoch case in Darwin, as the e-Court System Manager. PF&A is an International consulting and professional services company specialising in electronic justice business process re-engineering and information management. With over 40 years industry experience with practical business knowhow to delivery intelligent and effective solutions for major organisations.

15 Sept 2005
Document Control System - Deployment Completed
September 14th 2005, Shinryo (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd's document management solution, from Legal Links Sdn Bhd, is live on the internet. The solution which took a record timeframe of 5 weeks to complete, boast of latest technology, tools and features. Deployed over the internet, it has the ability and capacity to serves Shinryo offices/branches/sites internationally.

20 July 2005
Document Control System
Shinryo (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Selects Legal Links Sdn Bhd for Document Management Project.

Shinryo (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, an multinational company which provides services to large conglomerates such as Petronas and the likes, selected Legal Links Sdn Bhd to provide a fully online web-based document control system.

"Technology has gone from a nice productivity tool to being the fundamental driver of progress."John Chambers
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